“VPG AGRO PLUS” company offers storage, processing and shipment of grain and leguminous crops (corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, soybeans) from the elevator of LTD "Khristinovsky Feed Mill".

LTD "Khristinovsky Feed Mill" is located in the central part of Ukraine, near the highway of international importance. The elevator is within 5 hours of access to any of the ports, Odessa or Nikolaev, which allows you to quickly respond to "hot" contracts and carry out shipment and delivery on the same day. The storage capacity is 20,000 tons.

 “VPG AGRO PLUS” offers a program for the purchase of grain during the harvest season with a minimum price of 10,000 tons per storage quota with subsequent sale 6 months after the price increase. The expected rate of return is 20-30% over six months.