“VPG AGRO PLUS” company offers storage and shipment of grain and leguminous crops (corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, soybeans) from the LTD “EKOZERNO” elevator.

LTD "EKOZERNO" is one of the largest grain elevators in the south of Ukraine, which provides access to the Black Sea and Mediterranean grain markets.

Today, the elevator provides services for the transshipment and storage of grain cargoes to both Ukrainian and foreign companies - grain traders. The elevator is located on the territory of the Kherson river port, has a developed infrastructure and is a major transport hub in the south of Ukraine.

“VPG AGRO PLUS” company offers shipments from the LTD “EKOZERNO” elevator of grain and oilseeds in batches of 3-5 thousand tons per month. Additional loading of vessels in the roads is also possible.