LTD “VPG AGRO PLUS”  is part of a group of companies that include elevators, transport companies and trading houses. VPG AGRO PLUS is a dynamic company that successfully operates and develops in the field of production and sale (trading) of agricultural products in Ukraine.

The main trading areas are the sale of grain and leguminous crops (corn, wheat, sunflower, barley, soybeans, rapeseed), oil and meal.

The geography of trade covers all regions of Ukraine, the EU countries, Belarus, Moldova and the countries of the Middle and Far East.

VPG AGRO PLUS successfully cooperates with all world famous, transnational companies: LOUIS DREYFUS COMPANY SUISSE SA, SIERENTZ GLOBAL MERCHANTS, KERNEL, GLENCORE, CARGIL and others.

In our activities, we focus on long-term cooperation. In our work we guarantee strict fulfillment of contractual obligations, we maintain transparent relationships, we guarantee high quality products.